About Better Print


Like many industries, most printing businesses out there can do about the same thing. We all have printers that we’ll argue are the best, we offer an array of products that only vary slightly from place to place, and typically the one you’d choose is the one that happens to have the lowest price on what you’re looking for. 

But here, we offer you something different (well, two things, we’ll get there soon). Yes we have the best printer, a wide array of products and the lowest price (on most things), but the day we opened our doors we decided to be the best at two things:


  • Making you look good: we have graphic designers as part of our team, and we have since the beginning. We know that to be effective with print, it needs to look appealing. Almost everyone makes decisions with their eyes, including your customers. So we don’t just “put something together”, we design your material to look modern, eye catching and appealing. We want you to look better than the other people who do what you do, to your customers. You may be in a business similar to us, where lots of people do a similar thing. And that’s why it’s important to look your best. Your customers are going to choose who they like the best, and we’re going to make you super likable. 

  • Our staff are nice to deal with. At Better Print, we put a lot of weight behind nice people in our interview process. We’ve all been to places where we’ve vowed never to go back to because the person behind the counter was awful to deal with. Not here. We choose to be nice and easy to deal with. After all, it is a choice, but it’s one we all have to make every single day. And here, we do. 

We know you have options, and we don’t expect you to take us on our word. I encourage you to give us a shot, and see for yourself. At Better Print, we strive to give you a better experience, and a better product. That’s what we are here for.